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Custom Suits With a Perfect Fit

A Better Fitting

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Your Perfect Fit

You've never felt this good in a suit

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A Better Way to Measure Your Perfect Fit

At Icon, the way we take your measurements is a step above the rest. There are fancy computers that measure hundreds of points in just minutes, but what they miss are the things we pay special attention to – how those measurements translate into a true fit for your body and your movement.

Everybody holds their body a little differently, moves a little differently, and those are the things that a mathematical measurement can’t entirely account for. We’ve taken the time to learn the real art of the measurement. We take the traditional measurements, but we go a step further, and suggest final tweaks and adjustments that will not only make your custom clothing fit and look better but feel better, too.

Icon Suit: Custom Suits & Dress Shirts - Denver

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Denver CO 80123
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