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Handmade Custom Suits

Handmade - Custom a Cut Above

When it comes to handmade, custom menswear, it’s the details that really shine. We are dedicated to making sure those details are hand crafted with the best quality at the hands of a true expert. If you’re wondering what makes an Icon Suit stand above the rest, let us introduce you to our Elements of Quality.

Soft shoulders

Some of our customers like the more casual look and feel that a soft shoulder provides. A soft shouldered suit lacks some of the construction and shape of a more “classic” suit but is an increasingly popular choice in a world where formal wear is taking a more casual, personalized angle.


Hand stitched buttonholes

The buttonholes on our suits are fully hand-stitched, a true mark of craftsmanship and luxury, as well as the button attachments, which are created using a “lily stitch” by hand. There is no machine which can attach buttons using this particular method, making it another identifiable handmade touch.


Rounded, hand-stitched breast pocket

Typically, breast pockets on sports jackets are straight and rectangular in shape. A rounded breast pocket is more natural and better balanced against he other forms of the jacket as well as the body, adding to the eloquence of the overall finished look.



Make the pieces in your closet uniquely yours with monogramming. Whether it’s the date of your wedding, your name, or something else important to you, we have the ability to add this special touch to all of your custom clothing.

Real horn and mother of pearl buttons

No plastic buttons or cheaply made fasteners here. Every Icon custom suit has plenty of real horn and mother of pearl button options to choose from. High quality buttons not only make the final product pop, they also save you time and effort in the long run.


Custom lining options

From pinstripes to pinup girls and everything in between, we have plenty of custom lining options for you to choose from. Choosing a lining unique to your personality or event is the perfect personal touch to add a little extra pizazz to an otherwise straight-laced suit.

Created to fit your body type

Beyond the measurements

We offer a better fitting process that isn’t tied to what a tape measure can show us. Through years of expertise and a careful attention to the craft of the fitting, we have developed a process that allows us to create the best fit for your body type and how you hold your body naturally. Those are the kinds of things the measuring tape miss, and they are the key differences that make it a truly perfect fit.


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