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The Icon Suit Philosophy

Celebrating Outstanding Men


At Icon, we believe life rewards those who follow their passions.

Living our own passions led us to create a unique, custom men’s clothing experience focused on providing you with the right look for every occasion of your life.

There’s no denying in life that some men simply stand apart from the rest. How you measure an outstanding man doesn’t fit into any formula. Outstanding men are out there, changing the world in big and small ways, in every shape and size. Whether you’re a successful professional taking your industry by storm, being a super dad and husband for your family at home, taking a position of leadership in your community or just being a good friend, all of these things and more contribute to what makes you truly outstanding.

As outstanding as you are, isn’t it about time your wardrobe matched? That’s what Icon Suit is all about. From the moment you walk through the door, it’s clear we care about more than the shirt on your back (though that definitely matters, too). What you wear is an extension of who you are, and we want to help you create the perfect closet for YOU.

That’s the beauty of custom clothing. It can be tailored and created from fabric, to buttons, lining, and more to be an expression of exactly who you are. Your personality can shine through in every stitch.



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Sourcing the Best to Give you the Best

We could have the best suit-making practices in the world and without a dedication to the best available fabrics, it wouldn’t be the same. That’s why we provide you with an array of the top fabrics from England and Italy.

We source the best to give you the best possible foundation from which to build the suit of your dreams at a value that you’ll feel good about wearing it for every occasion of your life. And at Icon, we believe every day has the opportunity to be an occasion.

With five global locations, we provide quality selections from some of the most luxurious mills and producers in the world. Come experience the commitment we have to an unforgettable experience, incredible convenience, and the best custom clothing value out there. Each and every day provides an occasion for you to share who you are with the world, and we’re dedicated to making sure you love what you’re sharing.

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