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New to Icon? Schedule your initial free fitting online by selecting “Initial 30-Minute Fitting” below or call us directly at 720-447-1368.
When you walk into Icon Custom Suits, you’re walking into a unique, expert fitting experience that will change the way you shop for clothing forever.

Already been fitted? Fantastic. You can place orders by phone, stop by the shop, schedule a private appointment, or take advantage of our Personal Tailor to You™ program.  We are happy to meet on your schedule.  We have great, new selections this season. Schedule your next appointment call 720-447-1368.

Wonder what it looks like when you arrive for your 30-minute fitting? Here’s a little taste of the experience you can expect.

Icon Custom Suits - Denver

Cherry Creek North
220 Steele St.
Denver CO 80123
Map 720-240-9358