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Denver's Best Custom Suit & Menswear Experience

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Men's Custom Suits, Tailored Wedding Suits, Custom Dress Shirts & Pants - Denver, CO

Celebrating outstanding men.

From the moment you walk through our door, it’s clear we care about more than the shirt on your back (though that matters, too). What you wear is an extension of who you are, and we want to help you showcase that in the best way possible. When you come to Icon Custom Suits in Denver, you’re here for more than just a tailored suit. You’re here for the experience.

Custom Men’s Suits with a Custom Tailored Customer Experience

We take the time to get to know you. We’ll have a drink together, chat, and hone in on what exactly you think you might be looking for. This allows us to recommend the right options and ideas to match your personal style. Our experienced Personal Tailors are genuine and passionate professionals who will help you create the kind of wardrobe that up until now you’ve only dreamed of.

No two outstanding men are alike, so why should your suits be? If you’re just getting measured, you’re not getting fit to look your best. Our Perfect for You fitting process incorporates our extensive knowledge of fitting and measurements as well as an expertise in the small tweaks that create your best fit.

Learn more about how we perform custom men’s suit fittings at Icon Suit.

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Elements of Quality

Traditional Old World Details

Custom suits and dress shirts by Icon Suit. There are a number of handmade details that make an Icon tailored suit stand apart. Our jackets are full canvas rather than traditionally fused, custom linings add a splash of luxury and personality, working button holes are a true mark of craftsmanship. There are so many touches that make our custom clothing stand apart – see these Elements of Quality for yourself.

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Elements of Quality

Soft and unconstructed shoulders

Another example of the customized suit options available to make the suit or sports jacket truly yours comes in the construction of the shoulders. If you’re a fan of more structured suits, soft shoulders certainly aren’t a necessity, but they’re an increasingly popular option for comfort without losing any style points.

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Elements of Quality

Hand stitched button holes

Not only are hand stitched button holes stronger in construction and longer lasting than a machine-stitched buttonhole, but they allow for another point of true customization and craftsmanship. You can choose your thread color or match the rest of the suit.

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Elements of Quality

Rounded, hand-stitched breast pocket

Another classic sign of custom-made, the rounded, hand-stitched breast pocket seems like a small detail, but makes a big difference in the overall impact of your suit’s final look.

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Elements of Quality


Make the pieces in your closet uniquely yours with monogramming. Whether it’s the date of your wedding, your name, or something else important to you, we have the ability to add this special touch to all of your custom clothing.

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Elements of Quality

Real horn and mother of pearl buttons

No plastic buttons or cheaply made fasteners here. Every Icon custom suit has plenty of real horn and mother of pearl button options to choose from. High quality buttons not only make the final product pop, they also save you time and effort in the long run.

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Elements of Quality

Custom Lining

Choose a lining that speaks to your personality, the special event the suit is for, or just for the fun of it. We have many custom linings for you to choose from – from classic to pinup girls and everything in between.

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Elements of Quality

Fit beyond the measurements

There are some things that a measuring tape just can’t understand, but at Icon, we do. We create measurements based on your posture, the way you hold your body, and the way your body is naturally built. We are committed to creating a better fit, just for you.

suit Soft and unconstructed shoulders Hand stitched button holes Rounded, hand-stitched breast pocket Monogramming Real horn and mother of pearl buttons Custom Lining Fit beyond the measurements

Show the world who you are.

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"One of the best experiences while ordering my made to measure suits! It was done in a professional and personalized manner!" - Alex G.

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