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Posted on: December 15th, 2017

The Benefits of Lightweight Tailoring

In today’s fashion world, and especially in the Denver area, there has been a resurgence of casual, colorful, and flashy menswear. And with over 300 days of sunshine, one of the best, most comfortable ways to indulge in looking good without feeling stiff and stuffy is with lightweight custom tailoring. Showcasing your personality in a jacket you can feel confident and comfortable in no matter what the occasion.

Understated Luxury

With lightweight tailoring, you can show off the wildest sides of your personality without having to give an inch of style up.  Add in the unmatched comfort of a 150-gram weight fabric and you might just find that light-weight tailoring becomes a new staple in your closet as you explore all the different ways in which you can utilize this modern take on suits. Often, a jacket that is tailored this way will be unlined and unconstructed, allowing for a more casual silhouette and feel.

Modern Vibes

The turn for casual that is a hallmark of modern fashion for many is exemplified best in our tailoring options. It is often in this more casual make that people are unafraid to try new colors and patterns and modernize your custom menswear. Using a plain weave of nothing but superfine merino wool and silk put through several color baths to create an intriguing effect.

Creating the perfect lightweight tailored look to add to your closet is easy with the team at Icon Suit, where we’re dedicated to finding your perfect fit – both in measurements and in style. Schedule an appointment today and feel the Icon Suit difference.

About Icon

We specialize in custom, handmade menswear that is fitted to keep you comfortable and mold to the natural way you hold your body. Each Icon Suit features certain elements of quality that are hallmarks of custom clothing, including hand-stitched buttonholes, lining attachments, and more. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind piece that truly expresses who you are to the world, look no further.

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