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Posted on: January 18th, 2018

Looking Forward in Men’s Fashion for 2018

Fashion is an ever-changing kind of thing. Every season there’s new colors, fabrics, patterns, trends to watch. The runways determine what’s on the cutting edge and fashionistas the world over adjust their wardrobes to match. Keeping up with the runway isn’t for everyone – who’s got the time for that? So we’ve taken some of the best men’s fashion trends for the upcoming year and compiled them here, with a few extra Icon tips to help you make the most of them without having to spend your precious time buried in slideshows.

Business Class Is Back

Just when you thought business class might be a thing of the past, it came back on the runway in a big way. Overcoats, three-piece suits and more made a grand reappearance recently and with good reason. There’s something classic about a well-tailored suit and overcoat that you just can’t find anywhere else. If you have been searching for the perfect overcoat for too long with no luck, you’ve got to check out our Loro Piana camel overcoat. It’s the perfect way to slide back into business class without overhauling your entire closet.

Wear Your Heart (Color) on Your Sleeve


This one might come as a bit of a surprise, but red was extremely prominent on the runways at the last fashion week shows. It’s a bold color choice, no doubt, but there are ways to incorporate it into your style without having to go full-on head-to-toe red (although that can be arranged if you’re interested in it!). Try on red for size in a dress shirt or suit jacket, or even a tie if you want to start off nice and subtle.

Introduce a Little Edge


Rocker style and throwbacks to the 70s were big themes in the most recent wave of runway shows, but there’s no need to don a studded leather jacket or go full bell-bottoms to introduce this blast-from-the-past resurgence into your life. You could choose a more casual, psychedelic color for a lightweight tailored suit jacket and rock the spring in style, or you could pair a seemingly buttoned-up suit with a pinup style lining for your own secret edge. There are a lot of ways to make your closet edgier without regressing to those long-gone punk-band loving days.

Those are some of our favorite trends from the runway recently because they are so adaptable – it’s easy to take inspiration from any one of them and put your own personal twist on it. But even if the runways aren’t really your thing and fashion trends aren’t exactly at the top of your to-watch list, we can help you set your own trends and create a wardrobe that perfectly fits your style – whatever that may be. Schedule your fitting and feel the Icon difference today.

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